Welcome to the world of nanofibers

Pardam, s.r.o. (Ltd) is a company producing high quality nanofibrous materials (NnF CERAM® and NnF MBRANE®) manufactured by Centrifugal Spinning industrial production technology located at the Production and R&D Centre in Roudnice nad Labem, the Czech Republic.

Pardam has been focusing on production and development of nanofibrous materials since 2009 and has great experiences with Electrospinning and Centrifugal Spinning nanofiber production technology.

Our vision is to develop, optimize and produce nanofibrous materials for various types of applications on behalf of our customers requests. We are here to provide our customers with the best service and know how we possess, together with access to the unique technology

Our novel materials have a great potential in many commercial applications such as Energy Storage (novel material for Batteries and Fuel Cells). Composite materials (ceramic and polymer composites), Catalysts, Sensors, Thin Films, Membrane separation or Decontamination (water and air purification).

We are a young dynamically growing company with main focus on production of novel kinds of materials which can help us to change the way the world will move in the future!

PARDAM Ltd, is supported by funding from the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, Czech Invest and European Union.
  • Introducing an Industrial production of inorganic nanofibers
  • Introducing an Industrial production of polymer nanofibers
  • Research & Development Nanotechnology Centre
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