Inorganic & Polymer nanofibers

Nanofibers are a novel and unique kind of fibrous material with fiber diameter smaller than 1 micron. Nanofibers poses unique properties which predestinate them for application in many products with major advantages against current products. Pardam is the first producer focusing on industrial production of inorganic nanofibrous powder materials as well as polymer membranes based on continuous nanofibers usually deposited on supporting substrate. Industrial production of nanofibrous materials is a young but dynamically growing area of the production with very high potential. There has been published many articles about great potential of nanofibers for many applications, most of them are based on laboratory tests and results. The main goal is to bring those results to commercial products which is also the goal our company has set up.
Inorganic nanofibrous powdersNnF CERAM®
thanks to its unique properties (high surface area, high porosity, good breathability, big surface to volume ratio, stable structure etc.) can find its applications in many products such as Li-ion batteries anode or cathode, Li-ion battery/Fuel cell separator, Catalyst, Catalyst support, Photo catalyst, Gas sensors, Thermal insulators, Metal or Ceramics nano-composites, Dehumidifiers, Abrasives, Thermal barrier coatings, Filtration etc.
Polymer nanofibrous membranesNnF MBRANE®
thanks to its unique properties can find its application in products such as nanofibrous polymeric membranes, which can be used as separation membranes for different products or filtration materials for water and air purification with very low-pressure drop and very high filtration efficiency. Nanofibrous membrane can be deposited on a supporting substrate with air permeating structure made of virtually any material on customers’ request.