Nanofiber industrial production

We are supplier of ceramic nanofibrous materials NnF CERAM® and polymer nanofibrous materials NnF MBRANE® on industrial scale.

We supply products from our product portfolio or we can be a contractual producer for companies with their own solution and applications.

Research & Development

Our R&D Centre is ready to provide our customers and partners with following services:

  • Development of new Nanofibrous Materials – development and sample production of new nanofibrous materials on behalf of our customers demand. For this development we use two different technologies – Electrospinning and Centrifugal Spinning.
  • Pre or Post Treatment of nanofibrous materials (milling, shortening, dispersing, plasma treatment, etc..)
  • Material Analyses provided by XRD, BET and SEM
    • XRD – Rigaku Ultima IV
    • BET – NOVA 4000
    • SEM – Phenom Pure
  • Optimization of Calcination Processes – the calcination process is very important for production of Ceramic Nanofibers. For development and process optimization we have different calcination furnaces and technologies. Small 30l furnace, big production furnace, big production continuous furnace, Diffuse Coplanar Surface Barrier Discharge – DCSBD plasma (1,1m wide).
  • Partnership for R&D projects - Pardam can be your partner for your project (development of nanofibrous materials for your applications). We already participate in the project called MATFLEXEND in 7FP program. We run several private development projects for our partners too (developing nanofibrous materials for particular application) etc.
All those technologies and services are available to our customers and partners. Please contact us for more info.