From R&D to industrial production

Technology we are currently using for industrial production is based on Centrifugal Forces and is called Centrifugal Spinning. This technology is simple, reliable and easy to operate with very good performance. Thanks to this technology we can develop and manufacture many types of nanofibrous materials very easily with very high production yield. For material development and small sample preparation our R&D Lab is equipped with two different technologies Electrospinning and Centrifugal Spinning. So we have wider selection of development on the laboratory level. We also operate different types of calcination technologies including plasma generator called (Diffuse Coplanar Surface Barrier Discharge – DCSBD). Our Analytical Lab is equipped with analytical tools such as SEM, BET and XRD which enables us directly control the material quality. Our Production and R&D Facility is located in Roudnice nad Labem (Czech Republic) in a brand new building which was designed to affiliate this type of activities.

Centrifugal Spinning technology

Technology based on production of nanofibrous materials by centrifugal forces from polymer solution. Technology which does not need electrostatic charge to spin the fibers and requires less parameters to control than electrospinning.

Technology is capable of production of continuous nanofibrous membranes (roll to roll) as well as 3D structured nanofibers (cotton like materials). This structure opens new horizons for many new applications.

Electrospinning technology

Technology based on production of nanofibrous materials by electrostatic field either from the free surface of the polymer of from the jets. Well, known technology with some limitations and many production parameters to be controlled during the process. Our company possess 1 lab for material development and sample preparation, and 1 pilot line for production of limited amount of materials.